Kakashi x Mina Story (Anime Ver.) EP. 7 : Is he very important to you?

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Corrected English translation by steviekins96


Video version.



Kakashi: Why…is she meeting up with this man?


Mina: Thank you very much. I will cherish it!

Kirihara: Mina-chan.

Mina: Yes?




Kakashi: What do you think you’re doing!?

Kirihara: It’s none of your business! Why are you stalking her? Don’t act like she belongs to you.

Kakashi: What did you just say!?


Mina: Oh..C’mon. Kakashi. Don’t fight over me. That is inappropriate.

Kakashi: What are you talking about…?


Kakashi: You’re done here, right? Let’s go now.

Kirihara: Hey! What are you up to!?


Mina: I’m sorry, Kirihara. See you later. And Thank you!

Kirihara: Y..Yes!



Kakashi: What did you two talk about? Are you close to him?

Mina: Nothing! He just gave me “this”.


Kakashi: What’s this? A novel?


Kakashi: Ah… Sorry. I didn’t know it was that important to you.

Mina: Y..yeah. Somewhat…important…


Kakashi: Got it.

Mina: (He looks angry…)




Kakashi: Hey, Mina! You’re still awake?

Mina: Kakashi, what’s up?

Kakashi: May I ask you something?





Kakashi: Forget it… Go to bed earlier.

Mina: What? Tell me! You look uncomfortable since this evening. What’s wrong with you?

Kakashi: It’s nothing…

Mina: You’re lying! I can feel it. You like to keep things all to yourself!


Kakashi: You… are you dating him…?

Mina: What are you talking about? Who am I dating?

Kakashi: He… Kirihara, right?


Mina: What!? What are you talking about? Why would I date that guy!?


Mina: Ah!

Kakashi: (…The photo?)


Kakashi: …!


Mina: Ah!! T..thanks!


Kakashi: What did you do, Mina!? Give it to me!!

Mina: No way! I can’t let you see it!!

Kakashi: Give it to me now!

Mina: Don’t follow me!


Kakashi: You!!

Mina: Aww!!




Mina… What’s this!?


Mina: …Well, a photo…


Kakashi: I told you to stop taking pictures of me without my knowledge. Especially when I’m wearing the Anbu suit! It’s supposed to be a secret! BAKA!

Mina: Sorry!!


Kakashi: So, the reason you were so protected over that book was because of…this photo?

Mina: Yeah. I found out that he also joined the Anbu team, so I forced him to do it. I told him that I would forgive him for bullying me when we were younger.

Kakashi: I..is that so?


Kakashi: (That’s it…? Why do I feel relieved…?)


Mina: Then, please give it back to me…

Kakashi: NO!


Mina: Kakashi! Don’t be harsh to me!!

Kakashi: You’re so childish.


Kakashi: You don’t need to look after the photo…since… I’m here..with you.


Mina: Eh? You’re saying it like you were mine! I’d certainly ignore the photo, if you’re really mine… Say it! Do you agree or not?

Kakashi: Go to sleep! BAKA…




38 Page

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There is nothing here or maybe it is my devise’s problem it’s empty

Meh self

he just haven’t upload it ^^

Meh self

kyaaak! i see spoilerrrr im very very veryy excited


I’m finished it now. XD

Meh self

OMG yess I really love it~

Meh self

OMG yess


Another great chapter! Kakashi and Mina are perfect for each other 😍

Meh self

Yayyy Finished i really love it~😍


omg i love it!!!!! are you going to make any more?!


I liked it pleas make more I’m in love with anime


I know I’m not supposed to do thins so I apologize I know this is inopropiot


I love how cute they are

Neko Hime

I really love reading these comics so much! they’re just so very cute. I love Kakashi, and Mina is a perfect girl for him. Its really too bad the Naruto show didn’t have anything like this. I have read these comics over and over again and have even drawn many of the romantic scenes. You are an excellent writer. I would really love to see more of these comics with Mina and Kakashi. Like the flirty romantic scenes, but before they actually hook up. I wouldn’t mind seeing more after they hook up either. Anyway, excellent job.