Kakashi x Mina Story (Anime Ver.) EP. 8 : The Boy Who Has Nine-Tails.

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Corrected English translation by steviekins96


Video version.





Mina: Eh, Naruto! Long time no see! You are growing up so fast.

Naruto: Mina-nee chan!?

Sakura: (She’s pretty…)


Naruto: Do you live with Kakashi-sensei?! Does that mean…

Kakashi: ?

Mina: Hey, wait!!


Naruto: Your cool and handsome boyfriend that you ever told me about…is Kakashi-sensei?!!

Sakura: Eh!! You guys are dating?!!

Kakashi: What?!


Mina: (Who would have thought that we could be so coincidental)

Naruto: He isn’t that cool.

Kakashi: ……..


[Previous story]

Guy: Go away, demon!!


Guy: If you keep standing here no one‘s going to enter my shop!

Mina: (Eh! That kid…?)


Mina: K..keep your cool! He’s just a kid. Don’t you think you’re being too harsh on him?

Guy: Don’t protect him, you don’t know him!!


Guy: He’s a monster! If he stands in front of my shop, I can’t sell anything! Don’t be around him or you’re going to end up like him!

Mina: !!


Mina: Shame on you. What a stupid adult! This child isn’t hurting anyone. If customers don’t want to enter your shop then it isn’t the fault of this child. It’s your own meanness. If I was a customer I wouldn’t buy either after I saw what a shop owner you are.

Guy: Damn! How dare you!!


Mina: Kid, let’s go! If we stay here any longer, we might get infected with his stupidity.

Guy: What are you saying!? This bitch!


Mina: (What have I done? I became an enemy of the villagers now… Even though my plan was to stay quiet and not get involved in other people’s businesses.)

Naruto: ?


Naruto: Nee chan! My name’s Uzumaki Naruto! What’s your name? I’ve never seen you before.

Mina: Oh, I’m Mina. I’m not from Konoha, I quietly moved here with my boyfriend.


Naruto: Wow! You have a boyfriend? Is he from Konoha? Who is he?

Mina: That’s right! He’s a ninja here, plus he’s very smart, kind, handsome, cool, and he has great skills!

Naruto: Amazing! Let me see him next time please!


Naruto: Unbelievable! You mean Kakashi-sensei is your boyfriend? Kind, handsome, cool? You’re spoiling him too much.

Sakura: I know right! Mina-san is too pretty and cute! Kiki.

Kakashi: Hey! How do I look in your eyes!?


Sakura: Did you already get married?

Mina: Ah! Not yet. I’m a future wife.

Sakura: Eh… So, when will you get married?

Mina: Hmm, I’m thinking about it.

Kakashi: ………


Kakashi: What’s in your hands?

Mina: Oh! Sandwiches! Let’s have lunch!


Sakura: Aw! That’s so sweet, don’t you think so, Sasuke-kun? I’m jealous.

Kakashi: Don’t tease your elders!


Kakashi: Well, Let’s have lunch before we start with our mission.

Naruto: Perfect! I’m starving!! Mina-nee chan, come and sit here!

Mina: (W…why didn’t Kakashi reject me? He usually says he isn’t my boyfriend… I just have to keep teasing him like I always do.)



19 Page

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I just love this so much, it's amazing






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