Hatake Ken Gaiden EP. 2: The son of Hokage. (Ken Academy)

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Corrected English translation by steviekins96





Boy: Hey, you.


Ken: Eh?

[Ken, 6 years old]


Tsukune: You’re the Hokage’s son, right? Awesome! I too will be the next Hokage! My name is Tsukune. Let’s be friends!

Mibuna: I’m Mibuna. Nice to meet you. We’re in the same class. Do you remember me?

Sansho: I’m Sansho!

Ken: Oh, um. I’m Ken. Nice to meet you.


Tsukune: I’ve only seen a statue of 6th Hokage, but I’ve never seen the real him. Can you take me to your home sometime?

Ken: Yes, sure.

Sansho: Yay, that’s awesome!



Boy: I told you to buy me a launched toy today. Why didn’t you do it?! Wanna go to hell?


– B…but I’ve just got my pocket money. If I spend it in a day, my parents will kill me.

– Whatever! You have to buy it for me right away! If you don’t then I’ll kill you.


Ken: Yup! What are you guys doing? You seem like you’re having a good time. Oh! You are my classmate, Taishiro? Right?


Taishiro: Hey! You! Hatake Ken, The Hokage’s son. When did you come here!?

Ken: Oh! Glad that you remember me.


Ken: Just like you said, I am that beloved Hokage’s son! Should I report this to my dad and senseis to get you in trouble? I don’t think you guys want this in your record, don’t you? So, if you go now, I will pretend that I didn’t see anything.


Taishiro: You, Daddy’s boy! The only thing you can do is using your fathers power! Let’s go!

Ken: C’mon! Don’t be jealous.

Boy: T…thanks…





Taishiro: You’re such an eyesore to me! I was about to ignore your sh*t yet others are always interested in you. Then, you snooped into my business yesterday. I’m not gonna let you go, Hatake Ken.

Ken: Hey… What’s wrong with you….? Did you forget that I’m the Hogake’s son?


Taishiro: So what! You always bring your father’s name! Coward! Are you ashamed?

Ken: Eh…I think beating others is more shameful.


Taishiro: Say what! How dare you speak to me like this! Scumbag!

Ken: S…sorry. I didn’t mean to talk back to you.


Taishiro: Yeah! Let me clean that bad-mouth!!

Ken: Hey, calm down! Don’t use violence!


Taishiro: (H…how come!? He dodged my punch!? Impossible, it must be an accident.)


Ken: Stop it! It’s dangerous!

Taishiro: (He escaped again.)


Ken: Sh.t!

Boy1: A…are you kidding me!? That idiot dodged every single move! This boy… is truly highly skilled?

Boy2: Perhaps… But why does he always escape?


Ken: C’mon! Stop punching around! It’s dangerous!

Taishiro: Why are you avoiding me? Idiot!


Tsukune: Eh? What are you doing? Ken?

Mibuna: Ah! Ken-kun.

Boy: Hey! Stop!


Tsukune: What is it? Was he looking for trouble with you?

Ken: It’s nothing. Don’t bother. Well, where have you been?




Taishiro: Hey, daddy’s boy! Let’s have a fight. If you can beat me in one punch, I’ll stop calling you “daddy’s boy”.

Ken: Again…?


Ken: What? I don’t care when you call me “daddy’s boy”, “a coward”, or “a loser”. Why do I have to fight you for such an useless reason? I gotta read this manga before lunchtime is over… Mind your business.

Taishiro: What are you saying?


Taishiro: You’re ignoring me!? I really hate your arrogance! Don’t ever think I’ll let you free.

Ken: So? You want me to pay attention to you?


Ken: Alright… If I can beat you in a fight, you have to do what I say.

Taishiro: K, what do you want me to do?


Ken: You have to be my obedient slave.


Ken: WTF!! Begin now!?


Taishiro: You were very confident to beat me up…? You’re just a jerk who’s using his father’s power. Alright! Punch me, I’ll be your servant!

Ken: This boy… it’s pretty easy to piss him off…


Taishiro: I really hate someone like you!!


Ken: Can’t help…




Ken: Oh… I won…




Ken: Woah…Sorry. I’m not a lefty. So, I can’t control the harshness…

Taishiro: You… go to hell!

Ken: Aw! Wait!!



Ken: What… I already won. You’re cheating.

Taishiro: !!


Ken: Bye then!

Taishiro: T…this dude… can use ninjutsu. His skills are being proved.




– Is that boy Hatake Ken, the Hokage’s son? He is more popular these days.

– So many people are interested in him. It makes me jealous.


– Hey, I heard that he used his father’s connection in the entrance exam for the academy. His skills are actually bad. He only got in because of his good looks and the fact that his father is the Hokage.That’s why the people are so interested in him.

– Really? It’s not fair.


– I don’t think so…

– Eh? Are you close to him?


Taishiro: (He’s been ignoring what other people think of him. What a jerk!)






Ken: W…what you again..? Why are you so good at finding me?

Taishiro: I accept to be your servant just as I promise. What do you want me to do?!


Ken: Wow! You don’t really look like someone who would keep his word!

Taishiro: Sh*t! So what do you want? Do you want me to buy you food or do you want my money?


Ken: What are you talking about..? Have you been like this all the time? Rascal…

Taishiro: Mind your business! W…what do you really want then!?



Ken: Okay, listen. Stop extorting money from others. Stop bullying other people. Study. Just stop acting so stupid. I hope you can keep your word.

Taishiro: !!


Taishiro: Are… you joking?

Ken: To be honest…


Ken: I don’t really care. It’s your choice if you do what I just told you to do. Your skills suck. You bully others with your lame skills to make yourself feel better. The more you do this, the more stupid it will make you.

Taishiro: !!


Ken: At least, you have your own prestige and keep your words. So if you want to become a Shinobi then you should stop acting like a jerk.


Ken: It is for your own good.

Taishiro: … You know nothing! You were lucky enough to have your father as the Hokage!! Everything seems easy to you!


Ken: You said it like your parents are not good! Tell me, that makes your life more difficult?

Taishiro: !!


Taishiro: I…I didn’t mean it like that!

Ken: If you really think that having a father as the Hokage means that I don’t have to do anything then you’re wrong! Don’t be jealous of other people’s life! Stupid! Go away!



[Training Field]


Taishiro: This… he always practices with his father, that’s why he has high skills. But I wasn’t wrong… you got luckier than anyone else. Besides, he’s pissed… However, I am not jealous of you, idiot!


Kakashi: Hey, Ken… Is he your friend? He followed us all day.


Ken: Ah… he’s one of my biggest fans … I guess he is trying to find a chance to confess his love to me.

Taishiro: What the hell are you talking about!??


Taishiro: H…hello! Hokage-sama!! I…I am Taishiro, Hatake Ken’s classmate.

Kakashi: Nice to meet you, Taishiro-Kun.


Kakashi: This boy is troublesome, right? But he’s a good person. Please let him be your friend.

Taishiro: Y…yes, sir! Hokage-sama!!

Ken: Awesome. You praised and complained about me at the same time, dad….


Taishiro: (It’s obvious that his skills are superior to genin. He tries to hide his ability. Because of that, people think that he’s using his fathers connections. Besides, he never told anyone about my bad behavior. What kind of a man is he…?)


Taishiro: (He’s pissing me off. I’ll be better than you someday. Hatake Ken!)



[Epilogue 1]


Mibuna: I can’t believe that the guy who hated Ken-kun the most is now one of his closest friends. Kiki.

Taishiro: What are you talking about, Mibuna? Who wants to become his friend?! I’m only hanging out with him because the Hokage asked me to!

Ken: Shit… His tsundere…




74 Page
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