Hatake Ken Special 3: The lost girls mission.

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Is still with their S mission. (Refer from Boruto Naruto next generations ep. 106-111)
*This chapter’s based on the Boruto anime version: EP. 106-111
*Original version: Konoha Shinden: Steam Ninja Scrolls.



Ken: I’m back.


Ken: Eh, what are you guys doing? Oh! Hello, Tenten-san. Are you going with us?

Tenten: Hi, Ken! Haven’t seen you for a while. I just here to dropped Mirai’s clothes. Where were you?

Ken: I was checked over around here. Ha..ha.


Ken: Eh? Who is this girl?


Tatsumi: H..hello! I’m… Tatsumi.

Kakashi: She’ll go with us for a little while.

Ken: Hah!?


Ken: Eh… Is she following her mother’s dream about discovering the onsens? By her own alone?

Mirai: Yes. Besides, Tatsumi-chan doesn’t have a buck..so I asked if she can go with us.


Tatsumi: I apologize for making trouble.

Mirai: Don’t mention it, Tatsumi-chan. I really wanna help you.


Ken: That was really who you are… Kind-hearted, Mirai-chan.

Mirai: What are you talking about..?


Tatsumi: Are you two dating, Mirai-san and Ken-san? Both of you have great chemistry.

Mirai: W..what! N..No! He’s my senpai at the academy. And we’ve known each other since we’re young. That’s all!


Ken: Why would you strongly loundly reject it? You’re rude… Why!? Dating with me is that bad?!

Mirai: I…I don’t wanna make people confused!

Tatsumi: Hmm…


Kakashi: Feel so good…

Ken: Right… Especially, if I’m here without these two elders…

Gai: Nonsense! Protecting is your duty!



Ken: Hey..dad. Tatsumi-chan…

Kakashi: Mm…Why?


Ken: I feel like she has some secret behind this… I don’t know if she lied to us. But… well.
The information about the missing girls is only who were the same generation as her and Mirai-chan, know that? When we’re about to find them, she comes at the right time…


Ken: I’ll check Mirai-chan now.

Kakashi: Such a paranoid person. She’s onsen bathing.


Gai: Well saying, but behind that, you’ll peek at her bathing, right?

Ken: What!? Gai-san!! You think I’m a bastard psycho!?


Gai: Caught you! You’re turning red! ‘Bout to do so, right? Idiot!

Ken: I didn’t turn red! Who the hell will do the hell like that? C’mon!


Mirai: Eh? Senpai’s voice… Are they arguing?


Mirai: Such a great time, bathing in the night like this…

Tatsumi: Umm…Mirai-san… I’m sorry for lying to you…


Mirai: Eh? What do you mean?

Tatsumi: Actually, I didn’t follow my mother’s dream…


Tatsumi: I’m travelling to an onsen where it leads me to see spirits.

Mirai: Eh? The onsen that makes us see dead?!


Mirai: There’s no place in the world, Tatsumi-chan…

Tatsumi: Of course, there is! I wanna commune with my mother. It’s worth a try!


Tatsumi: Mirai-san wants to see your father, right? Let’s make it together!

Mirai: Eh!.. But…



Mirai: I’m on the mission. But I… want to see my father, too.


Kakashi: Hey, Ken! Wake up…


Ken: …What’s happening, dad?

Kakashi: Mirai was lost.


Ken: What!?


Ken: Was it weird? A person like Mirai-chan dumped the mission? No doubt if it was me.

Kakashi: Because her father is her weakness.

Ken: Weakness!?

Kakashi: A chance to speak with the dead.


Kakashi: The enemies used Genjutsu to deceive girls who want to see the dead. And Mirai also wants to see her father all the time… I guess Tatsumi wanted to see her mother too. That’s why she’s here.




Ken: Mirai-chan’s in this cave? Thank you, Genki, Dane.

Genki: No problem, Ken-chan!


– Hey! Who are you!?

– Beat them!

Gai: Oh!



Ken: Oh! Perfect, Gai-san! Let’s get them!

Gai: Bahaha! I know right!


Ken: Wow! He’s ranked 1st in the world for Taijutsu as expected! Eh? Why are you looking at me like that, Papa?


– (Kill this boy!!)

Ken: Shit!!



Ken: Bastard! You scared me!


– Argh!

– Hey, what’s happening!!?


Gai: Not bad! You’re not out of shape! You do live up to the son of my eternal rivalry!

Ken: I planned not to use any energy though…


– Ryuki-sama! The trespassers! One man is very strong like a beast and two gray-haired guys. One gray hair is a good looking boy.

Ryuki: What!?


Gai: Haha! Sorry that I’m strong!!

Ken: Eh! A good looking boy? Dad! He’s a good man! Let him go!

Kakashi: This idiot…


Mirai: A…anyone…


Ken: Mirai-chan! Hey, Tatsumi-chan! What’s wrong?

Gai: Yo, Kakashi! I beat 7 of them, you just 5!

Kakashi: What? That’s a competition?


Kakashi: It’s my real turn now.

Ryuki: Arrghh!

[A puppet to control humans.]


Tatsumi: Ah!!

Ryuki: Shit!

Mirai: Tatsumi-chan? You’re now conscious!


Mirai: Those idiots!


Mirai: I’ll follow them.

Ken: Hey, wait, Mirai-chan!!


Ken: Dad!?

Kakashi: It’s okay… She has great ninja skills. Don’t worry. We have to take these girls out to the safe place quickly.


Girl: You’re Shinobi!?

Girl: Do you come to rescue us? Thank you!!

Ken: Y…yes.


Ken: Dad! It takes too long! I’ll help her. You handle it here.

Kakashi: It was just a second! Idiot!


Ken: Where’s she!? Complicated way.

Kakashi: He’s such a rough thinker.




Kakashi: Impressive!

Gai: It’s over now.


Kakashi: Finally, the lost girls mission was over.

[They finally found the lost 18 young girls who were deceived to the hot spring for their deceased loved ones]

[The man who makes sacrifices name’s Ryuki, needed 20 young women to sacrifice themselves for Jashin in order to grant him immortality like Hidan.]


Kakashi: But it was disappointing to me to hope that there’s an onsen that can heal your legs…

Gai: Oh! You’re worried about me?


Gai: Don’t be serious. It’s been for ten years… At least, I’m still alive to witness this peaceful world. Seeing young grow up. Plus, being beside the Hokage like you. This makes me really happy.

Kakashi: Thank you, Gai.


Mirai: Eh!? So it meant that this travelling wasn’t for the vacation, but for the missing girls?!


Mirai: Why didn’t you tell me at first!?

Kakashi: Well… If you knew that we’re on the mission, your eyes would’ve been like a carnivore hunting for prey trying to find them.

Mirai: Oh! C’mon! Not like that…


Ken: Judging from the old man’s detaily words, he may let you write the mission’s report for sure, Mirai-chan.

Mirai: Ehh…

Kakashi: Haha! I was caught!


Mirai: S..so then…can you help me, senpai?

Ken: Ha…Can I pass this? I hate doing super detailed stuff.

Mirai: Oh…why not…


Ken: Well, alright. When we finish it, let’s have dinner together, okay?

Mirai: !


Mirai: N..no problem. (He invited me for a date…?)

Ken: Great!


Gai: Hey, Kakashi! What’s between these two? Ken is like flirting around. But with Mirai..he has known her since a young age. Although it wasn’t about us to interrupt, but we don’t want him to hurt Mirai, do you?

Kakashi: Don’t worry about that.


Kakashi: He’s actually not related to a playboy. But he’s the kind of person that is straightforward.


Kakashi: And it was my very first time seeing him make his first move asking a girl. Haha!



68 Page

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this is pure perfection


Thank you…. I love how you portray Ken and your story is really good❤